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While Anavar is most commonly used to ‘cut’ and shape muscle, it has other uses as well. Despite the fact that the drug helps burn fat and improve physical performance, it is also an excellent tool for helping to increase mass and strength, and increase muscle volume. Since Anavar’s anabolic activity is several times greater than that of testosterone, it can be used without any problems during a course aimed at increasing muscle volume.

For burning fat and “drying”

For burning fat and "drying"

However, since Anavar may affect the liver, the duration of use should be shorter than with injectable anabolic steroids. Therefore, it is often used at the beginning of each course for the first 6-8 weeks, after which it is canceled. The maximum duration of the course is 10 weeks, subject to the use of appropriate doses. To increase muscle volume, a combination with other active substances is used, in particular testosterone esters (enanthate or others) and Deca-Durabolin (nandrolone decanoate).

For burning fat and “drying”, shorter courses of Anavar are used in combination with drugs recommended for the same purpose. These drugs include testosterone propionate, masteron, trenbolone acetate, and others. These compounds, like Anavar, do not cause any noticeable water or gas retention, which is undesirable during the “drying” and fat burning phases.

Anavar is a steroid that women involved in sports or bodybuilding can use to avoid masculinization. It is recommended that the use of Anavar for bodybuilding or athletic purposes by both men and women should not exceed 4-6 weeks.

“Solo” course of Anavar is increase muscle relief

“Solo” course of Anavar is increase muscle relief
  1. As mentioned above, the “only” course of Anavar is done to increase muscle relief. The total duration of the course is 6-8 weeks.
  2. Start taking Oxandrolone with a dose of 20 mg per day divided into two doses: in the morning and at the beginning of the day.
  3. After a week, increase the Anavar dose to 40, maximum 80 mg per day divided into 3 doses.
  4. Continue the course without side effects for 4-6 weeks.
  5. During the last two weeks, gradually reduce the dose until it stops completely.
  6. From the beginning of the penultimate week of Anavar treatment, start taking tamoxifen at a dose of 10mg per day to restore your own testosterone production.
  7. Oxandrolone treatment requires prior consultation with a doctor to identify contraindications (prostate enlargement, liver disease, etc.).
  8. For maximum effectiveness of the course, take sports nutrition for relief.
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